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What is Mediation?

The parties are each given an uninterupted opportunity to explain what they want as a result of the litigation/mediation.  The mediator then facilitates a discussion between the parties to narrow the issues and work toward a resolution.  If agreement is reached, the mediator then helps the parties draft a legally-binding document to state the details of the agreement.

Mediation Settles Cases!  Ms. Raetz has a very high rate of success in resolving disputes at the time of mediation.  Some matters resolve shortly after mediation, because mediation is a process.  Some matters require several mediation sessions.  A good mediation results in a win/win situation for all participants.

Timing for mediation is often flexible.  Early mediation often maximizes saving costs for all parties and can help narrow in on the areas of dispute.  Early mediation is likely to save time and money that would otherwise be spent in discovery.

Mediation helps all participants assess risks.  In mediation, the parties learn more about the other side's strengths and weaknesses, allowing participants to proceed with a more realistic assessment of their case.

There is no obligation on the participants to settle their case.  It is not the mediators' job to force a settlement or impose any agenda.  Nor is it the mediator's job to tell the parties what they should or should not do. The mediator should remain neutral, while at the same time allowing the parties to realize what their best day in court may be, as well as what their worst day in court may be.

In the long run, mediation saves everyone time and money.  Mediation works!