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Fields of Law

Here you will find an overview of the fields of law available.



Almost every case in Grand Traverse County is ordered to mediation.  Ms. Raetz handles Domestic (Family Law) mediations, Civil mediations and Probate mediations.  Mediation is known for its high success rate in resolving disputes efficiently, allowing the parties the opportunity to be heard and to be an integral part of the final decision.



Family Law

From custody disputes to divorce proceedings, she will represent you in all facets of family law. Without question, some of the most emotionally-charged issues in all of law fall under the domain of family law. Are you having legal issues regarding marriage, adoption, divorce, or you are seeking custody of children? We focus much of our practice on family law, so we can guide you through your issues.


Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning

It is always best to be prepared and make sure your wills and trusts are set up correctly, so there is no confusion and all your wishes are carried out as planned.